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The secret to manifesting any change in your life is to envision it first in your mind and then taking the steps to see it become reality. Take a tour of the studio and see yourself coming here, taking hot yoga, loving it, getting healthy and feeling great!!!

Deepen your practice.  Improve your health.
A typical session incorporates assisted yogic stretching and applied knowledge of the bodies channels of energy.   The 14 meridians of the body each governing specific organs, body functions and responses of the mind.  The yoga therapy session will work with muscles and tendons to assist with relaxation, facilitate stretching, and help to maintain proper functioning of the energy flow throughout the body.  The poses encourage movement, help with the flexibility of joints, and stimulate a natural healing process.
Done on a plush mat with the client staying fully clothed. The work is done in capacity of clients needs and their limitations will be honored. Session will be tailored to clients individual abilities and desired results.
Based on the yogic principles, and similar to techniques used in shiatsu, thai yoga massage, and reflexology, the sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities.   They complement all levels of physical ability beginners intermediate and advanced yoga students

Quality & Quantity
In your yoga practice such as in your life it is quality not quantity. It is not how much you eat as much as it is what you eat. It is not how much time you spend with your loved ones but how that time is spent. It is not how often you show up to yoga or hot yoga it is how well you do it. Is it on time? Is it mindful? Are you working to your best ability? These are questions to ask yourself.
The questions we had to ask ourselves is what is important us? Here at EVOLVE we are concerned with quality and not quantity. This comes to how many people come and how often they come. Instead we focused on the quality of the studio, the quality of the teachers and ensured that when people practice they were safe, healthy and being given the best experience that they possibly can.
We designed the studio solely for hot yoga with proper circulation of fresh air and humidity and HEAT! You won’t find a hotter studio around here. What you will be most amazed is how well you can work despite the high heat. It will seem effortless. Much effort is spent trying to breathe due to lack of oxygen in many hot yoga studios. You can sweat all you want anywhere but if you are not getting enough fresh oxygen when you do you are wasting your time and doing damage to your body. You need oxygen and healthy fresh air to do yoga. Experience the difference and experience the benefit of the heat if you haven't already.  It makes all yoga easier and more beneficial.
Our teachers are ALL certified and registered with Yoga Alliance. There is no other studio in the area that can say that. There is no regulation of yoga teachers. And while many have experience and knowledge that is comparable or even exceeding Yoga Alliance standards there are many whom have had little to no formal training and even less experience with yoga themselves. Our group of teachers have each had a personal journey and committed themselves to learning to offer both challenging and proper yoga. They do it for the love of yoga.
Finally we are a yoga studio of yoga teachers and students first and a business only as a means to continue to share our love and benefit of hot yoga. The price for our classes supports only the studio itself and is not concerned with profit. Again and finally the exchange of money or energy is about the quality and not the quantity. For us we value only the connection and serious desire to live a yogic lifestyle. Come join us!  EVOLVE :)
We have at least two classes everyday!  16 classes a week!  Take advantage of our unlimited packages and save $$$.


Binghamton's first hot yoga studio has EVOLVED.

Designed exclusively for hot yoga with proper ventilation and heat of 105+ degrees. Built utilizing all non-toxic and natural materials. Work properly and safely.




Join us and see why we are authentic and different. ALL teachers are properly trained and Certfied with Yoga Alliance.

Join us!

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